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We invite you to try Yooz for 15 days, without any commitment or obligation on your part. We will give you access to our customer success team to help guide you through setting up the Yooz invoice capture and automation solution for your company.

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    Feel free to contact your remote Yooz agent by chat or telephone to get help, advice, suggestions, and personalized answers to your questions throughout the trial period.

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    You will benefit from a pre-configured version of the solution and no startup time. Configuration is fast and easy, and you can watch your setup as it progresses.

  • A Free Yooz Support

    You have free and simple access to a client extranet, a secure platform where you can post problems, request changes, ask operational questions, check the status of your issues immediately, and track the answers provided by the Yooz team. A knowledge base helps you find answers to your questions about using Yooz.

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