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Mazars - Finance

  • Name : Mazars
  • Industry : Finance
  • Employees : 18,000
  • Revenue : 1.25 billion
  • Business Locations : 50
  • Number of invoices per year : 24,000
  • ERP : Various

Yooz automates Mazars accounts payable process

Mazars is an international accounting firm specialising in audit, tax and advisory services across a range of markets and sectors. Their clients include owner-managed ventures, international corporate organisations, top listed groups, public sector and numerous private individuals. With a completely manual invoicing system and multiple clients using different types of software, in 2012 it was time for Mazars to review its options. Mazars needed flexibility and good value for money when looking for a new approach – and Yooz was the perfect solution. Following a successful trial period, Yooz is now being rolled out as a standard processing tool to all outsourcing clients across all offices.



Mazars wanted to be able to standardise the accounts payable process and then scale as their clients grew, with the technology and solutions to support them. Because of the high volume of clients Mazars regularly acquires, setting up a new client needed to be quick and easy, without having to rely on IT specialists to come in and provide consultancy. Their choice of solution needed to improve efficiency; save time on the processing, improve quality of the information they were getting and make it easy to access all data at a later date.


"Yooz has provided us the opportunity to supply new offerings to support our clients. Whereas previously we struggled, we can now offer a very good solution to those clients who are processing large volumes of invoices with a need to have a purchase to pay solution with a structured workflow."
James Smalley, Accounting and Outsource Manager Mazars



Main Challenges

  • All invoices manually processed
  • Multiple clients using different software
  • Manual approval workflow
  • Keeping pace with fast growing, ambitious clients
  • Providing a value for money solution
  • Staying flexible while standardising their approach




  • Over 2,000 invoices processed per month
  • Improved audit trail and client visibility of process
  • Reduced time in archiving and filing of documents
  • New offerings to support their clients
  • Time and fee costs at a flat level, with transactional growth of 25% year on year
  • 50 clients now  on-boarded



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