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CPP Group Plc - Life Assistance

  • Name : CPP Group Plc
  • Industry : Life Assistance
  • Employees : ND
  • Revenue : ND
  • Business Locations : 15 geographical markets
  • Number of invoices per year : 2 millions documents
  • ERP : ND

CPP Group Plc speeds up the capture and processing of 2 million business forms with ITESOFT’s suite of document capture, processing and management software.


International marketing services business CPP Group Plc (CPP) has selected ITESOFT to provide an advanced forms processing solution.

Processing in excess of two million incoming business documents per annum, with 50 different form types sent in various formats including email, fax and post, CPP was manually sorting each of the different forms, which was very time consuming and labour intensive. ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise enables CPP to automatically capture and categorise each of the different forms.

‘Our project has completely achieved its objectives. The speed of our forms processing is now significantly faster.  Also the availability and quality of our management information reporting has vastly improved, which has enabled us to increase the level of service that we provide to our customers.  The ITESOFT solution also has the potential to be rolled out to other parts of the CPP Group internationally to ensure that we continue to improve our business processes,’ said Harry Seehra, Data Processing Manager for the CPP Group Plc.

CPP provide a range of Life Assistance products and services like card protection, identity fraud and mobile phone insurance, which allow their business partners to forge closer relationships with their customers.  They are using ITESOFT.Freemind for Business to extract data from the captured forms.  Customer policy numbers can now be automatically identified and extracted from each scanned document, even when the number is hand-written.  This is a critical data item which had previously been manually keyed, an error prone and time consuming operation. CPP employees are currently learning how to extend the range of data items which can be automatically recognised and converted to data in order to further speed up average document process time.  

ITESOFT.FreeMind for Business enables the data processing team to measure the time it takes each agent to process a single form, and how accurately each form was processed.  This important Management Information enables CPP to monitor and manage vital service level agreements agreed with their BusinessPartners.

ITESOFT.Share enables the secure electronic archiving of business forms within CPP, assisting with the search and retrieval process.  CPP redirect documents between agents and team managers to allow faster resolution of any issues.  

ITESOFT Document Management
ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise is dedicated
to capturing, identifying and automatically distributing all the documents entering a company.  ITESOFT.FreeMind for Business is a solution for the automated processing and indexing of 100% of business documents. ITESOFT.Share is an electronic document management and distribution platform for organisations that wish to give their employees and partners access to a unique and secure document reference library.


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