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Yooz is part of ITESOFT-Yooz Group and provides a cloud based Accounts Payable Automation service.


Stability and Experience


With thousands of customers worldwide and 30 years of experience, ITESOFT-Yooz Group is recognised as a world-class Document Capture solution vendor. ITESOFT SA has been listed on NYSE Euronext since 2001 (ITE) and is financially secure.


Our Mission and Commitments


We have learned a lot over three decades and all this knowledge has been poured into our cloud based offering Yooz. Now the technology that used to be only available for the Fortune 500 can be installed in your department in as little as a few hours.

Our purpose is to help your organisation become more efficient thus reducing costs. It’s that simple.

We feel that if we are World Class in our offering we can help you be World Class in yours. 

We will never stop giving you our best… every day.


Market and Customers


Large notable companies such as Air France KLM, Bristol Myers Squibb, Jaguar Land Rover, Siemens, Pepsico, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers… use ITESOFT-Yooz Group software solutions.

ITESOFT market focus is on the Fortune 500 with the FreeMind software product. Yooz market focus is on the SMEs with Yooz cloud based service.

ITESOFT was invited to participate in the August 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. report: "The Forrester Wave™ Multichannel Capture, Q3 2012" alongside other major software companies. In this report, ITESOFT is recognised as being a strong performer with respect to multichannel document capture and received the highest scores possible in Intelligent Data Capture, Document Classification as well as the Multi-Tiered Architecture.


R&D and Innovation


Yooz vision is to deliver the ultimate weapon to every organisation, especially SMEs, for winning the paper wars very quickly. With Yooz, document based processes are paper-free and automatic.

Yooz has reinvented AP automation and will be reinventing HR automation, T&E automation, Digital Mailroom and more.

ITESOFT-Yooz Group spends, every year, more than 25% of every revenue dollar on R&D efforts. This investment is as much as double traditional software vendors. With numerous research projects going on in conjunction with the brightest minds in university labs, ITESOFT-Yooz Group research leads the way for document automation.

ITESOFT document capture technologies ranked first on Pentadoc Radar 2010 benchmark at first participation, showing classification rates and automation levels far superior to most competitors. This benefits Yooz customers by giving the capability to have higher levels of touch-less documents (straight thru processing).

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