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Reduce Costs by 70%: Start Yoozing Now and Save Time and Money!

Please use the calculator below to estimate how much you can save annually!

Total number of supplier invoices per month


Estimated current labor cost to process an invoice (reception to payment)

  Industry Average Laggard Yooz savings calculator
IOFM 2010 £7.33 £9.33 £10.36
Aberdeen 2012 £5.19 £11.11
Paystream Advisor 2013 £5.73 £10.00
Total annual current cost £
Total annual future cost Yoozing your documents £
Your Annual Savings £

This calculator is offered to help you estimate how much you can save by Yoozing your documents. Yooz is not responsible for the contents or results.
The rate is estimated by current rate 1£ = 1.5$

Please contact us to analyze your savings more precisely!   Print a copy of your potential savings estimation.

Think about Yooz in Terms of True Savings!



If you add up all the labor savings from Yoozing your documents instead of processing them manually, reduced printing and shipping cost, improved security, ability to retrieve quickly and other factors, you can save from hundreds to thousands of dollars every day.


Zero Risk

Yooz Features       Your Benefits
Free try       Try for free before you buy, including set-up!
Simplified and transparent pricing       Pay for what you Yooz!
Easy and safe cancelation       Cancel when you want!
No set-up fees       Start saving time and money immediately!
Cloud based, pure Saas       Zero investment (CapEx), zero IT costs, zero fixed costs!



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